How It Works

By knowing your visitors and what they viewed on your website, you will have immense insight into how to continue the conversation.

web visitor ID

Every day, you’ll know who visited your website.

Web Visitor ID reports include names, email addresses and postal addresses for all the website visitors we identify. And while we only identify the 30% to 40% of website visitors who have previously opted-in to receive promotional emails, that add up to hundreds if not thousands of extra leads per month.

You will also know WHY they visited your website.

Every page they visited on your website is detailed in your daily report along with their contact information. Google lets you see what pages your prospect visited, they just don’t let you contact them. We do both.


The Web Visitor ID tracking is easily installed by adding a code either to a universally called section of your site, or to each specific page you wish to track.


After the tracking code is added top your site, we will start gathering information using IP, cookie and device information from your website traffic.


Your website visitors are then de-anonymized by matching the first-party data to our proprietary consumer opt-in data. This builds a robust database of prospective customers including email, name, postal information, and the pages they visited on your site.


Tracking and enhancing your visitor insights helps determine the best methods of outreach. Data gathered is ready to implement in postal, email, social & digital campaigns, all while ensuring compliance and best practices.

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